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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Where Will your journey take you?

Considering Skydiving

Five 30-minute sessions
Flexible Scheduling

Are you planning to travel to a new country for an extended vacation or a short-term stay? Nothing helps to eliminate delays, hiccups, and setbacks, like proper planning and preparation for the unexpected. 

Strapped on my parachute

Three 30-minute sessions and three 45-minute sessions
Fexible Scheduling

Learn and discuss the steps for getting ready to move abroad, from financial planning and research, to what countries may best for your lifestyle and visa runs.

ready to jump

Ready to jump

Two 30-minute sessions, two 45-minute sessions, and two 1-hour sessions
Flexible Scheduling

Go in depth with Day as you prepare to take the jump, leave home, and relocate to a new country with your family. Uncover details like travel/medical insurance, where to live, schools, employment, and more.