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I believe my experiences as both a traveler and an expatriate have presented me with a unique opportunity to be able to offer and provide the kind of consulting services that I wish I had when I first started traveling. All of my failures and successes are at my clients’ disposal, and they get a chance to benefit from the prospect of never having to deal with the same challenges or go through the same struggles that I did. They benefit from knowing that someone has already done the legwork so that their travel experiences and the process of moving abroad can be as seamless and as satisfying as possible.

Just before spending two years traveling throughout Southeast Asia with my daughter, I remember thinking, “I could really use a jump right now.” I had big plans for myself and for my daughter, but I realized that I needed an accountability partner; someone who could assist and guide me as necessary, as I made a major decision in my life to get up and move to a country on the other side of the planet; a country I had never visited and in which I knew absolutely no one. When I couldn’t find just that, I had to use the resources that were available to me and the combined counsel of mentors who could offer bits and pieces of advice to help me prepare for travel. 

It wasn’t until a few years later that I coined the term “jump coach”, finally putting a title to the concept that I had had in my mind from the very start. It was at this same time that I decided I wanted to be that for others: an unbiased sounding board, confidant, and lifestyle coach of sorts, focused on helping my clients move physically from one place to the next, whether that place is a country, a city, or even a new job. Through jump coaching, I aim to hold people accountable to their goals, offer firm guidance, and intentionally motivate others to the point of success, understanding that often times, success requires taking calculated risks and giant leaps of faith! 

Day Swann

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Why Dayzee Travels?

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Expert Travel Guidance

Traveling takes preparation and no one should ever have to prepare alone. Day will help you acquire the resources you need, connect with the experiences you crave, and achieve your short-term and long-term goals for travel.

Dedicated Jump Coaching

As your personal jump coach, Day is completely devoted to helping you move from one place in your life, to the next, providing you with the kind of guidance and support you'll need to be able to take that leap of faith.

Reliable Application Assistance

You can expect to be held accountable for application deadlines, as Day guides you in getting the right documentation together in support of your applications for visas, housing, schooling, employment, and more.

Family-Focused, Group Consulting

Day will help to get you and your family prepared for your big move, working with you to ensure a smooth transition, especially if you have a young child or children and/or if you have your sights set on emigration to Southeast Asia or South America.

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